No matter what kind of business you’re in – healthcare, finance, education, you name it – the one business you shouldn’t be in is printing.

Many companies have a second internal gig, namely printing and mailing out their bills, statements, and anything else related to their customers and clients. That requires staff and time, and most importantly, siphons off resources that could be better used for the core business.

As technology evolves, maintaining an in-house printing operation is ineffective and costly. Upgrading equipment and software to keep up with changing needs is expensive. Factor in that 30%-50% of skilled print shop workers will be retiring in the next decade (and few younger workers are interested in taking up the job), your company will be facing a big decision sooner than later.

Printers dirty little secret: Printing costs have come DOWN significantly the last few years due to technology.  Namely ink jet printing technology.

This is the perfect time to transition to an outside printing and mailing service.

As you do with your own core business, a print/mail service is 100% focused on what it does best: the technology and best practices to keep information moving seamlessly. They invest in “what’s next” and spread those costs among high-volume jobs. You get the benefit without the capital outlay.

Because these upgrades allow you to communicate more effectively with your customers, the end result is better service, satisfaction, and opportunities.

While plenty of customers today opt for digital communications, many still prefer paper.  A recent survey by Toluna revealed that 45% of respondents would switch providers if forced to go paperless. Deftly managing both options can be tricky for an in-house department, but an established print/mail firm has the resources and experience to serve clients in the way they like best to be served.

Between better designating your resources/personnel and being able to be nimble in communicating with your vendors/customers, switching to an outside print/mail service makes smart business sense!