There’s “mingling,” as at a cocktail party. Then there’s “co-mingling.” What’s THAT all about?

If you’ve been looking into using a pre-sorted mail service, you may have run across the term as it relates to mail pieces and discounts. Let’s break it down for you.

The USPS gives pre-sorted mail companies a hefty discount on postage costs for taking some of the work off their hands. They then pass that on to you.

Right now, a pre-sort company can send a first-class piece of mail for .398 cents versus .55. You can see how that can add up quickly to big savings for your business.

However, in order to take advantage of that cheaper rate, the post office has a few rules. One involves having a certain number of pieces in order to qualify.  For the cheaper first-class rate, a minimum of 500 pieces is required. If you’re sending “bulk” mail or marketing mail, 200 pieces (or 50 pounds) is the number.

If you’re not a giant company, you may not generate enough pieces to qualify. Therefore, you’re stuck paying more.

This is where “co-mingling” comes to the rescue. Essentially, a pre-sorted mail service like CMADS  is able to take your mail pieces and add them to those from other clients. That way, we make the USPS’ minimum requirement and allow you to tap that sweet discounted rate.

Co-mingling offers additional benefits to you as well. The post office has some other very specific regulations involving the discounted rate. Large batches of mail must be sorted precisely according to zip code and then organized for delivery to the post office in a certain way. So it’s not just the quantity of mail – it’s the quality of how it’s prepared.

Sure, some companies choose to do it themselves. But consider the amount of time, labor, and headaches required to stay on top of the ever-changing postal rules around co-mingling. Does that offset the cost-savings? Probably not.

At any rate, “co-mingling” is a smart tool that will let even smaller companies take advantage of big postal savings as they move their business forward.

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