We’re glad you’ve discovered our brand new site for Corporate Mail and Data Services! While our company has been around for over 20 years, we’re continually finding ways to provide customers (old and new) with even better products and technology to make their mail, data, and printing needs run seamlessly. Our new site reflects our commitment to always doing better for our clients.

CMADS began in a basement way back in the day. The goal was to streamline mailing services and make them both more efficient – and cost-effective. Since those early days, we’ve expanded into a state-of-the-art facility that ensures safe, touchless mail operations – and provides security at every step.

CMADS has a work-share agreement with the local USPS. Because we can pre-sort and co-mingle your mail, that takes some weight off of their workload and saves them money. Those savings get passed to us and we in turn pass them to our customers. Currently, we can mail your pieces at a rate of .398 cents versus .55. We offer other options that, depending on how much mail you send through us, can rack up even greater savings and convenience.

The bottom line? Corporate Mail and Data Services uses the same equipment as the post office and can handle those mail needs even more effectively.

But CMADS is not just about mail. We have the latest data technology, so that we can offer printing and data services, ensuring that whatever you need to communicate to your clients is executed quickly and professionally. Our mission is to make the trifecta of vital communications as simple and cost-effective as possible.

No matter what your business is – from a local school board to a big utilities company, colleges, health care and more – we can take on the heavy lift of these vital services, save you time, aggravation, and most of all, money! Based in CT, we’ve serviced clients in the Northeast for decades.

We hope you’ll have a look around the site to see the many ways that Corporate Mail and Data Services can help your company, no matter how big – or small – you are. And please know that we’re always available to answer any questions you have. We pride ourselves on exceptional accessibility and customer service.

Our contact info is (203) 225-7656 or email Chuck Chesler: cchesler@corporatemailingservices.com. We look forward to showing you how CMADS can make your business life easier!