For centuries, the USPS has been the go-to solution to mailing – well, almost anything.  From bills to birthday cards, holiday gifts to fruit baskets. All pretty normal stuff, right? Well, in those many years, folks have used the postal service to send some oddball items. Here’s just a sample.


In 1916, William Coltharp was building a bank, 127 miles away. He figured it would be cheaper to mail 80,000 bricks to the Utah construction site than have them get there any other way. Coltharp packed up 40 crates, each just under the 50-lb weight limit. Yes, the “building” got there, but it prompted a new postal regulation that you can only send a maximum of 200 lbs. per day.


Politicians are used to “hate mail.” But former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper wasn’t prepared for an irate constituent who attempted to mail him a severed foot. Police intercepted before he could open it.


The Hope Diamond is a rare blue diamond with a complicated story dating back nearly 500 years. Having passed through the hands of kings, queens, thieves and more, this jewel is reportedly cursed. Legendary jeweler Harry Winston decided to donate it to the Museum of Natural History, so he wrapped it in brown paper and shipped it through the mail at a cost of $2.44 (with an extra $142 for insurance).


There was a time when parents would rather use the post than pay for a more expensive train ticket to go see Grandma. One Ohio couple paid $15 in stamps to send their son on a visit to his grandparents. Another family “mailed” their 14-pound baby to see other family members. The USPS finally put an end to the practice after 1915.


You’d think it would be easier to sail it there, but no. A huge boat was shipped through the USPS from Miami to Alaska –over 5,000 miles. It took 12 days, but it finally made it to its destination.


You never know where these ideas start, but in recent years, there’s been a trend in mailing a single spud with a message etched into the skin. Think of it as an edible greeting card.

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