We love hearing from our happy clients! We also love when they tell other businesses how CMS helps them save money, time, and headaches on their mail, data, and printing needs.


Of course, we always respect yours and our customer’s privacy, so just give us a call and we’ll be happy to arrange an introductory call to one of our clients in your industry.

About Us

It began in a basement: an idea to offer businesses in Connecticut a better way to make their mailing process more streamlined and cost-effective. Twenty years later, Corporate Mailing Services has become the go-to solution for companies throughout the northeast who want more profitability and efficiency.

Since that modest beginning, hard work and innovation has grown CMS into a state-of- the- art 15,500 square foot facility.  Safety and security for our clients is paramount: we have full video surveillance and key-card-only access to every room.  In addition, our fleet of drivers must pass thorough background checks.

In September of 2020, CMS took a big leap forward with new progressive ownership. Yet, even as we continue to grow, we pride ourselves on being large enough to serve you yet small enough to know you!

No matter how small-or complex-your mailing, data and printing needs are, Corporate Mailing and Data Services is ready to create a smart plan to save you time, money and headaches.