It’s been a rumor that’s been floating around– and while it’s not a done deal until it’s a done deal, it looks like the USPS will be raising its mail rates again in early July 2022

From the official materials we’ve seen, here’s the simplest breakdown: a piece of first-class metered mail will go from 53 cents to 57 cents and the five digit presort rate will go from .426 – .455.

In light of all the other costs to businesses that have risen recently, this is somewhat expected but still disappointing.  All though your savings increases, costs are still going up

But there ARE ways for a business to mitigate the Postal Pain.

When you hand off your mailing needs to a pre-sort mail company like Corporate Mail and Data Services (CMADS), you save money in two very important ways:

1)         Your costs for a first-class piece of mail will be  .455 cents per piece (vs 57 cents). How does that work? We have an arrangement with the USPS to take some of the weight off of them; in turn, they provide savings that we share with our clients. Those savings add up FAST.


2)         By getting rid of your in-house postage equipment and letting CMADS handle it, you save time, staff hours, office real estate, and more importantly, the costs of expensive leases.

Think of it: by using in-house equipment, you pay those monthly leases no matter how much – or how little—you use the machinery. CMADS is a much smarter deal: you only pay for what you need. Simple, easy savings.

So yes, increased postage rates are a fact of business life. But YOUR company can thrive without sacrificing efficiency or delivery time. Corporate Mail and Data Services has decades of experience helping our customers navigate the landscape of business and stay ahead of the changes.