Services Offered


For over 20 years, Corporate Mailing Services have saved businesses lots of time and money. Now, we’re offering the same kinds of efficiency and savings when it comes to PACKAGES! Other packaging services, like UPS and FedEx, include lots of “extra” surcharges such as fuel and other “accessorial” and “delivery” charges. It can be pretty complicated. CMS offers clear, straightforward pricing.


Our new high-tech package-processing equipment can make your operation run more smoothly and save you dollars. Here are a few reasons why:


  • UPS Ground delivery takes 1-4 days and doesn’t do Saturday or Sunday delivery. CMS moves faster — and unlike other services, USPS doesn’t take weekends off.
  • Is your business taking advantage of commercial packaging discounts? Depending on your arrangements with CMS, you could save anywhere from 10-50% over retail pricing and other companies. Let’s talk to get a better idea of what you need, and we’ll customize a plan that will save you money.
  • Many other packaging services aren’t “smart” about how they use materials. They’ll fill a large box with small, lightweight objects. Guess what? You wind up paying for that extra empty space. Ask us about dimensional pricing.
  • Maybe your business just doesn’t have the staff or bandwidth to deal with packaging? Often, they take pre-printed labels and slap them on a box – with no way of guaranteeing delivery. Our new CMS packaging service easily converts “your” labels so they have the barcodes needed for tracking.
  • Quick and easy Proof of Delivery with our CMS tracking system.