A new year brings plans to make your business better and more productive. That means reviewing/updating best practices, giving a closer look at the balance sheet, and finding ways to make everything run more efficiently and profitably.

That may seem like a lot, but there’s one word thing that does it all:


Outsourcing routine tasks that eat up time and resources instantly transforms a business.

More and more companies use outsourcing to:
1) Save on labor costs: outsourcing frees up employees to do other things
2) Increase efficiency. Outsourcing streamlines operations to let you focus on core issues.
3) Save money. Handing off tasks to a firm that specializes in them gets the job(s) done faster and more economically.
4) Increase security. Cloud solutions are more and more common. They store your sensitive data securely and provide quick access to resources at reduced cost.

If outsourcing sounds like a plan, Corporate Mailing and Data Services (CMADS) has you covered.

We print everything you need, from letters, to forms, invoices, newsletters and more. Plus, we can save you money on postage with our arrangement with the USPS. We just added a packaging machine to our operation to help small businesses mail and track bigger items at a reduced cost.

Another thing: by ditching your in-house printing and postage equipment, you save money on expensive leasing fees, free up employees (as well as space).

CMADS is a totally secure facility, with HIPAA-compliant cloud storage. Your records are safe.

Making the “resolution” to do better at business this year is simple. Just remember the magic word: “outsource”!