Our Team

Over 20 years, our company has continually improved services to our clients by offering the latest innovations in mail technology, data, printing and distribution systems. Through it all, our team has prided itself on reactIng nimbly to any situation, and being easily accessible/accountable to the client. Our employees are cross-trained in all of our systems and frequently split their work responsibilities between different functions. This ensures that there’s always a professional on hand to handle whatever it is that you need. Our valued team is just one of the reasons we’ve maintained a 98% customer retention rate!


To create an environment that empowers people both as individuals and team members so that they can make a difference to the customers, company and each other. To create an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect and open communication, so that abilities are utilized, potential manifested, contributions acknowledged, and diversity celebrated.

EVERYONE at Corporate Mailing Services is a customer service representative. We understand that our interaction with clients is the best way to sell/represent our services.

The team at Corporate Mailing Services experiences opportunity every day. As the company grows, so does the team. The “team” and the “company” are not separate entities — they are one. Success is contagious!

We have genuine appreciation for every phone call, especially those with complaints. We answer the phones with enthusiasm, so the customer feels welcome and looks forward to calling again.

The team at Corporate Mailing Services realizes that the company does not pay salaries, the customer does. Think of them signing your check as you strive in your efforts to assist them. Without the customer there’s no money, no vacation; they’re the only reason we are here.

Because the team at Corporate Mailing Services is committed to a high degree of excellence, everyone can earn bonuses and raises. Those are the result of superior effort and contribution to the team.

The team at Corporate Mailing Services is encouraged to make suggestions that will increase our ability to better serve our clients. Team members are encouraged to point out shortcomings of the organization so they can be improved upon.

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