Non Profit Organizations

“Less” CAN do “more”: the better way to stretch every critical dollar…     

Corporate Mail and Data Services [CMADS] helps non-profits run their organization smarter and more efficiently. Here’s how:

  • Postage is a HUGE line item. Our agreement with the USPS saves money on every mailing: first-class, standard, even packages
  • We get mail there sooner. Donations come back FASTER
  • Our “Move Update” service keeps the mailing list current (saving $ on returned mail costs)
  • We print/fold/insert, freeing up staff to do better things
  • CMADS uses timesaving “Touchless Mail”: simply point, click, and send!

Only Pay for what you need- No hidden fees, long term contracts

For over 20 years, CMADS has been the solution for non-profits who need to do more with less. Find out how we can help yours!