The Data and Marketing Association notes that 90% of direct mail gets opened vs 20-30% of emails. With numbers like that, any business whose mailing list isn’t the most robust it can be is really losing out.

The mailing list is one of the most critical and valuable assets for a company. It’s a lifeline to clients, donors, vendors, you name it. The mailing list helps build (and keep) a relationship with customers. It’s a way to generate leads, announce new products or services, and get valuable feedback.

However, did you know that 40 million people in America move every year? That’s a ton of mail that may not get there. Or it gets there late. Or it bounces back. No matter what the scenario, it costs a company big, both in missed opportunities and in money.

There’s a smart way to ensure that a list is as current as it can be. It’s called the MU (Moving Update) service and it ensures that addresses are corrected faster and more efficiently so your mail keeps moving to where it’s supposed to be. It’s a tool that can save a business a lot of aggravation and it ensures that they’re getting the absolute most from the mailing list.

The MU Service is a great way to keep those contacts fresh, and your ongoing conversation with your customers at its most vibrant.

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