Letter Shop Services

Letter shop services

Our Lettershop Services provides a turnkey solution to getting everything that your business needs done, all in one place.

From maintaining all of your critical data to printing, folding, inserting, sorting and mailing your information (including packages), you’re covered. CMS has the latest equipment and the secure, HIPAA-compliant technology to streamline your operation. Use our Lettershop Services to free up valuable time, staff, and more importantly, to save your company money.

No matter which sector your business is in the new age of information, your business communication must be perfect. It must be crystal clear, but it also needs to be customized to suit the specific needs of your customers. When it comes to any business communication, you will also know mail occupies an integral part. At Corporate Mailing Services, we understand this critical business need, so we offer a wide range of services in this space. All our services, including everything from Letter Shop Services in Shelton, CT are designed to ensure end-to-end solutions that will enable your business to save valuable time and money. Before we get into further details, let us try and understand what Letter Shop Services is about and how it might benefit your business:

What Are Letter Shop Services all about?

Letter Shop Services have become very popular in recent times in business and for good enough reasons. The letter shop is a service that enables customers to print, personalize and even mail direct items to the customers, all at a single location. In some ways, it is like the main house. By allowing this unique, revolutionary service, the customers can handle their mails more effectively, which becomes more cost-effective and helps to save valuable time. Our customers can utilize their valuable time to build their core business.

Touchless Mail Services

If you have to deal with plenty of data for your business, we have the Touchless Mail service for handling all your business data. For this, we have for our customers the HIPAA compliant cloud-based system. It is a highly advanced technology that enables our customers to upload all their business documents. All they have to do is click and drag and then send.

This unique service helps presort mail; not only that, we can do much more with this service for you as a customer.

On behalf of our customers, we do all, including printing services, folding and inserting services, metering in Shelton, CT and much more. Once we do it for your business, your employees will have more time to invest in more productive business activities like business building. As a customer, you will find it helpful since we also take care of automatic updates and reporting on postage spending and much more.

Avail attractive Postal Discounts

Corporate Mailing Services (CMS) has a work share relationship with the US postal services department. The company has all the same machines and does a part of their job of sorting all the mail. As a part of this arrangement, we get a 20 % discount on the postage. This discount we pass on to our customers as postal discounts. It is something which you as a customer can benefit from our services and save. In other words, we work as a sort of mailman. We pick up the mail of some of our clients every day. We get into the business mail entry system. We can do this much faster with the help of our highly advanced machines. It enables us to do the job a lot quicker, so you as a client of ours can save much of your valuable time. The best part of our business mailing service at CMS is that, as a client, we ensure the complete security of all the data. Everything is put together. Therefore, you can have USPS compliance. You can therefore have complete trust in the mailing services we offer.

Benefits from the mail outsourcing services we offer at CMS

Many of our clients use the “touchless mail services .”It is generally known as the mail outsourcing service, which means we take care of the entire mailing needs. We have the SFTP platform. It is a revolutionary platform that enables our customers to transfer their pdf files or png files to us instantly automatically through a script.

Following this, we literally print, fold, insert and have it presorted to pass on to the post office for the final delivery of all these materials.

Why is what we offer getting more and more popular?

We are adding a lot of clients to our business, and whether it is the Fulfilment services CT or whether it is the Sample fulfillment services, Shelton, CT  it is becoming more and more popular. The reason is simple. We can create value for both sides of the equation through our services. So as a client, if your business is to utilize our mailing services, you stand to benefit on multiple fronts. We take care of all your mailing needs, which will enable you to save both money and time. In the process, you can utilize more of your precious time on your core business, like business building.

Why opt for our comprehensive mailing services at CMS?

If you are still wondering why you as a client need to utilize our mailing services at CMS, the answer is simple. With our state of the art touchless mailing services, you have our revolutionary mailing, data, and printing technology at your disposal. It will enable your business to function at a peak efficiency level in mailing. We are proud to state that we have established the unique feat of achieving a 98 % customer retention rate because of the many benefits of our mailing services.

  • Letter Shop Services 98% 98%
  • Letter Shop Services all about 99% 99%
  • Touchless Mail Services 70% 70%
  • Avail attractive Postal Discounts 80% 80%
  • Corporate Mail and Data Services 88% 88%
  • comprehensive mailing services 90% 90%