Industries Served

Corporate Mailing Services has decades of experience providing exceptionally safe, secure, efficient, and cost-effective plans for a variety of industries in the Northeast. From small towns to big corporations, we go the extra mile to make your mailing, printing, and data needs seamless.

Many industries and businesses in the Northeast are using Corporate Mailing Services for years to make sure their mail and data are safe, secure, efficient, and cost-effective.


CMS is fully HIPAA-compliant. From hospitals and radiology companies, to physician health care groups, pharmaceutical companies, CMS easily handles all the needs of this complicated sector safely, securely – and far more cost-efficiently.


Your city/town government (including important functions like the Board of Education) will save money and get business done more effectively by letting CMS handle complex printing, data and mailing needs.

Higher Education

So much communication flows within universities, private schools and the like. Whether it’s to parents, faculty, donors, or students, let CMS take on the “heavy lift.” And we’ll keep your all-important mailing lists up to date with our MUC Move Update service which reaches customers at their new address and reduces waste.


Utility companies like electric, water, sanitation, gas and oil are the lifeblood of a community. CMS will easily handle regular billing and mailing (at a much lower cost), plus maintain critical customer information. If you have a related business, like an alarm, HVAC – even a Porta-John – company, we’ve got you covered, too.

Financial Services

Financial information, like that from insurance companies, banks, and collection firms, is both sensitive and “time-sensitive.” The safe, secure facility at CMS will ensure that information is printed and mailed around your scheduling needs – and at a much lower rate. Plus, your customer data is always fully-protected.


Non-profit organizations, from charities to religious groups, must watch every penny. CMS is a smart choice for those printing and mailing needs: while we use the same machines as the USPS, we mail at a far lower rate. Plus, we maintain critical data, and ensure that your information reaches your donors/members quickly.

Wholesale Distribution

The supply chain between wholesalers and their customers is a vital lifeline. CMS is an easy, less-expensive solution to printing invoices, mailing and more. If your wholesale business interacts with food, liquor, plumbing or lumber companies, paper distribution – even medical and dental supplies – we’ll make the process seamless.


It’s a complicated sector, but CMS makes it less-so by both significantly reducing mailing/printing costs and helping that mail (including invoices and the like) get to its destination faster. That can help receivables get paid sooner — and your business work more profitably.

Facility Management Companies

Whether it’s commercial or residential properties, there are a lot of moving parts to ensure that things run smoothly. CMS is an easy solution to the mailing, printing, and data needs between you and your clients. We’re experienced, safe, secure – and most importantly, will save you money.

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