Despite all the ways technology has changed how we pay bills onlinebilling, fact is, the postal service is the way most companies send critical financial information to their customers and clients.

The post office was established in 1775 (with good ol’ Ben Franklin as its first Postmaster General). Naturally since those early days, it’s grown and evolved, utilizing new technology to get the mail through to its destination. And continues to play a critical role, from delivering packages to invoices to medical information and more.

And yet … there’s one 21st century development that all smart companies should be aware of. That would be a commercial pre-sorted mailing service, like that offered by Corporate Mail and Data Services. So how can using that service versus the post office save you money and — more importantly — increase your company’s cash flow?

It basically boils down to…Time.

Admittedly, the USPS does a fine job. But it’s no secret that mail service has slowed in recent months – sometimes to the point of many extra days. If you’ve put invoices or bills in the mail to clients/customers, it’s gonna take more time for them to get to their destination.

And that means that it takes longer for those invoices to turn around – and for YOU to get paid.

Don’t get us started on the actual cost of postage. Where the USPS typically charges .55 per first-class mail piece, utilizing a commercial mail service like CMADS can send our invoices, bills and more for much less. Example: we can process a First-Class mail piece for (currently) .398 vs. .51. See how that can add up?

When you combine the time-lag from sending your invoices and bills through the USPS versus using a touchless, pre-sorted mail service like CMADS….and then add in the lower cost, you can see immediately how your cash flow can dramatically improve.

Actual “cash money” isn’t the only thing that CMADS can save you. Consider that our mailing service saves you time and aggravation, especially in dealing with the post office ( that’s a huge source of “revenue” all on its own). Our facility — with its secure, HIPAA-compliant platform — uses the same equipment as the USPS, but our work-share agreement with them creates big savings (because we take some of the work off their plate). In turn, those savings get passed on to our customers.

So think about how you can speed up the pace of things, and can see more money in your company’s account much faster. This is a critical benefit of using a company like Corporate Mail and Data Services. Simply put, we get you your money faster!

Our contact info is (203) 225-7656 or email Chuck Chesler: We look forward to showing you how CMADS can make your business life easier!