For way too long, too many businesses have opted to do their own postage and mailing. That has meant crowding precious office space with big, bulky equipment. It’s meant using staff to operate it, then haul mail to the nearest post office, when they could be doing something much more productive.

In-house postage machines cost you money in supplies, like ink and toner. The leases are expensive (and become more expensive all the time). Plus, this “DIY” method doesn’t necessarily save you anything on postal rates.

There may have been a time when doing your mailing in-house may have seemed “cutting-edge,” but those days are long over. The more efficient way is to use an experienced mailing service like Corporate Mail and Data Services.

For 20+ years, we’ve saved businesses time and, more importantly, money by taking mailing off their hands (in fact, we have a 98% customer retention rate!).

Over and over, we hear how getting rid of those bulky machines has made their company far more efficient. No more unpredictable lease costs. No more buying ink. No more running last-minute to the post office to get critical invoices in the mail.

CMADS uses the exact same equipment as the postal service, but because we take some of the heavy-lifting off their plate, they give us a discount – which we pass on to you.  Our secure technology reduces returned mail and bad addresses, which can cost you as well.

We handle everything from first class mail to parcels and so much more. By combining your mail with that of other companies we deliver big savings on your postage. Our secure “touchless mail” system lets you send your mail from anywhere: you literally “point, click, send.” That results in your mail getting to its destination faster (and getting paid faster, too)

Can you do all that with your clunky in-house postage machinery? Ummmm….the short answer is “no.”

On-site postage machines are an outdated boat anchor weighing down your business.

Corporate Mail and Data Services has the latest technology that will make that crucial part of your operation effortless.  (We’re happy to make the transition super-easy, so get in touch!).