Frequently Asked Questions

If I meter my mail at .398 and give it to you, is it still First Class mail?

Yes. You receive the same service, delivery time and treatment of the mail as you would had you posted it at .55. We have a work-share program with the USPS. We use the same software and machinery as the USPS. By barcoding and pre-sorting the mail, we’re saving the USPS some steps, so they pass these savings on to us. In turn, we pass these savings along to you.


Can we barcode and presort our own mail?

Technically “yes” — but you must have at least 500 pieces of mail at a time. Also, you need the necessary software and to learn the proper steps to presorting. In addition, you’ll have to fill out the USPS paperwork and bring the mail to the SOS Business Mail Entry Unit.

Many companies find this “DIY” approach costs them much more than what they thought they would save. By commingling your mail with other mail at our facility, we get a much higher density to each zip code, thus receiving a better price on each mailpiece and passing those savings on to you.


How does Corporate Mailing Services make money?

We pass along all USPS discounts and then charge a small fee on each mailpiece.


How do we determine what our total costs savings would be?

Several factors play into the price you pay. We look at the total number of pieces and destinations of all mail, as well as the variety of services that you employ from CMS. We’re happy to learn a little more about your needs, and to break down the savings.