How to Easily Save Time, Money, and Headaches

No matter how much technology like email or “the cloud” has impacted our world, there’s one thing that every business – large or small – still engages with daily. And that is…mail. Invoices, financial records, customer notifications, official notices, bills, packages, you name it, the postal system remains a critical part of business infrastructure.


The Smarter Way to Handle Your Mail, Data, Printing

These days, we’ve been seeing more “touchless” ways to interact, such as scanning a payment app on a phone versus handing over cash. Well, those same kinds of smart, easy solutions extend to your business, too – mainly in the areas of mail, data, and printing services.

For example, when it comes to your mail, are you still doing the old-fashioned “folding/inserting/metering” method?


Get Rid of Mailing Equipment and Save

Businesses recognize that “mail” is an essential part of their process. From sending out invoices,orders, information, packages, records, and more, a reliable mail system is needed. And despite emails, PDFs and other digital pieces, it always will be.

However, too many companies have been saddled with an outdated, old-fashioned method of handling their postage: they use bulky, leased equipment, sort their pieces by hand and then have staff deliver them to their nearest post office.