Let’s face it: deciding which class of mail is the most cost-and-time efficient for your business can be a little bit like trying to choose from a gigantic diner menu. First-class? Flat rate? Retail ground? Priority?

Corporate Mail and Data Services (CMADS) has been in the pre-sorted mail business for decades and prides itself on helping our clients sort out the confusion. We’re always happy to help you find the best rates, packaging and processes to save you headaches – and more importantly, money.

FIRST-CLASS MAIL: Typically used for bills, personal letters, postcards, business correspondence. Large envelopes and small packages can fall in this category. [FYI, CMADS can save you money on first-class postage through our relationship with the USPS. Learn more here.]

PRIORITY MAIL: This service can be used with any of the above, but is most often used for documents, large/thick envelopes, tubes, merchandise and gifts.

PRIORITY MAIL EXPRESS: Like the above, but with some added bonuses: it includes tracking and insurance up to $100 (you can purchase more, up to $5,000). For an extra fee, you can ensure Sunday, holiday, or early in the day delivery.

MARKETING MAIL: Used mainly for ads, circulars, newsletters and such. However, it can also be used for small packages and merchandise.

MEDIA MAIL: It used to be called “book rate.” Now, in addition to sending books, “media mail” is used to send things like manuscripts, sound recordings (like a CD) and educational materials.

RETAIL GROUND: Catalogs, small and large packages, thick envelopes, tubes can be sent via this method.

Getting the most bang from your postage buck can be a little complicated. We’re happy to walk you through better options than what you might presently be using and share ways to save you more money on this vital service.

Our contact info is (203) 225-7656 or email Chuck Chesler: cchesler@corporatemailingservices.com. We look forward to showing you how CMADS can make your business life easier!