Promotional mailings are part of any smart business marketing. But we bet you didn’t know all of the cutting-edge resources available from the USPS to help you get the most out of yours. What’s really great is that the postal service keeps finding new and innovative ways to connect mail pieces to the digital marketing that we all live by these days.

Here are few really effective things you can use to engage more deeply with your customers.

Retargeting: If a visitor to your app or website didn’t “convert,” this program sends a follow-up postcard to nudge them over the line.

Informed Delivery: Your physical mail pieces become an interactive part of your digital efforts, giving your promotion extra mileage and impact!

Tactile, Sensory & Interactive Promotion: This goes way beyond “scratch and sniff.” The postal service is leveraging new developments in printing to take your mail pieces to a whole new level. You can engage recipients through touch, scent, and more.

We’re excited about the new marketing options that the USPS are offering. Plus, they’re rolling out special promotions that will save you even more money. You’ll want to dig deeper into what’s available!