Your business runs like clockwork. Your invoices, key documents, essential paperwork all get printed, sorted, mailed, and delivered. It’s all just clicking along.

Then, a big weather emergency. A local disaster that knocks out power for days. A key piece of equipment that goes down. There are a dozen things that can throw your operation off and create a nasty “domino effect” that costs you.

There’s a smart way to ensure your business never misses a step: our Continuity Assurance Service.

With the latest technology and equipment, Corporate Mail and Data Services (CMADS) has supported companies in their essential printing and mailing needs for decades. Now, we take it a step further for emergency situations. Just like the insurance you depend on to protect your home or business our Continuity Assurance Service protects your vital day-to-day operations. Here’s how it works.

Once you have an “event,” let us know. Within 24 hours:

-Upload your data through our SFTP platform – securely, easily, and quickly

-Your materials are printed/folded/inserted on our top-on-the-line equipment

-We’ll deliver to the USPS no later than 24 hours after printing

-You can even store your branded stationery/envelopes with us

Until things get back online on your end, CMADS’ Continuity Assurance Service picks up the slack. It’s a simple, super-smart way to save time, money, and more importantly, your company’s hard-earned reputation!

Get in touch to learn more.