The current Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, recently rolled out a 58-page plan called “Delivering for America”  which establishes some fairly big changes for the post office over the next ten years. So which ones will have the biggest impact on your business? Corporate Mail and Data Services (CMADS) stays on top of this stuff, so here are the basic elements to be aware of.

First – and perhaps most important – the new plan calls for delivery times on first-class mail to slow down from an average of three days to five. However, the USPS says it will likely deliver about 70% of first-class mail within three days. This includes “flats” of first-class pieces. (What are “flats”? Read about how co-mingling your mail can save you money).

Increases on postage took effect earlier in 2021. Metered first class mail (1 oz.) went up by one cent a piece to $0.51, with increases affecting padded flat-rate envelopes and various flat-rate boxes. The USPS breaks down all the rate changes here.

Of course, your business doesn’t have to be too heavily impacted by these rate increases. For over two decades, CMADS has partnered with the postal service to help you save money. We take some of the “weight” off of them (and utilize the exact same equipment); they in turn offer a discount on postage. We pass those savings on to you.

The USPS’ ten-year plan also involves making investments to upgrade their package processing equipment, and to provide more letter carriers with new technology like mobile devices. Dozens of more “annexes” to process the increasing number of packages and mail are also in the works. Among the services that CMADS offer is prepping/metering your mail, then organizing and delivering those zip-code specific pieces to the right postal facility; that doesn’t just save you time, but a whole lot of money.

Despite the changes in store at the USPS, Corporate Mail and Data Services will always have your back to streamline your postal operations and save you money.

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