Case Studies

CMS Case Study: 1


Radiology Company with 20+ locations


Radiology company based in the Northeast; over 100 employees, and managing thousands of
pieces of data/images.

Their Issues:

The company has 20+ multiple locations. Each one was sending out patient notifications, test
results, billing, diagnoses and more with no coordination.

Customer communication was fragmented, not timely, and with no process or measurements.
All information was inefficiently spread over their multiple locations.

Information was being printed/folded/mailed at .51 cents per piece; a staff member at each
location performed this task, which took up to an hour per day, per location.

All Data had to be transferred using Hipaa Compliant platforms

The Solution:

CMS did due diligence and created a specific plan incorporating our Touchless Mail, Data and
Printing solutions.

All patient data is now aggregated with their third party software provider. Every day, a file is
automatically uploaded to our HIPAA-compliant Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) platform.
CMS downloads this file each day. We print, fold, insert and meter all of their mail at
.389/piece and deliver to the closest Business Mail Entry Unit of the USPS.


Our client is getting exceptional savings in multiple areas, from postage costs, to printing
expenses, time saved from duplicating tasks, and reduction of errors.
Customer correspondence now goes out in a regular timely fashion each day; there are zero
delays and customers get their information/bills much faster.

We deliver the client quarterly and yearly trend reports that helps verify their information on
appointments completed, as well as track all dollars spent which helps them predict future
The process has been so successful that the client has greatly expanded its relationship with
CMS to now include all of their internal and external report distribution.


CMS Case Study: 2


Fairfield County School District


A school district in Fairfield County, CT which includes 4-plus schools as well as a central office.

Their Issues:

The district was collectively using multiple mailing machines across the district, including four
metering machines.

Each of these machines required a lease payment of over $350/month — as well as extra costs
for ink and supplies. We also discovered that there were several unnecessary warranties tied to
the machines.

Additionally, the district was posting their First-Class mail at a rate of .51 per piece. Staff
members were aggregating the mail at each location and driving it to the USPS.


By partnering with CMS, the district was able to eliminate all of the metering machines, plus
one folding/inserting machine. This has saved them upwards of $20K per year.

We save them even more by posting their mail at .398.

CMS now picks up mail from these district schools, saving employees the time, trips and fuel
once required to get it to the post office. Plus, they no longer need to travel in bad weather to
handle this task.

We also help the school district with special fulfillment projects, freeing these professionals up
to focus on what they do best: teaching kids!

CMS provides quarterly and yearly reports to the Board of Education, to justify and validate
the district’s decision to make the switch.