So many things are done digitally these days, but real-live actual mail is still a big part of every kind of business – from county offices and schools, to hospitals and manufacturers. And whether it’s invoices or packages, there are always postage costs involved. It’s kind of like gravity: postage is A Thing.

However, there are simple and smart ways to make your postage budget go farther.


Time is money. Having a staffer(s) handle this daily chore is a waste. A pre-sort mailing company like Corporate Mailing and Data Services (“CMADS,” for short) can handle every aspect of your mail. We pick it up from your location, get it metered, and deliver it to the nearest postal facility.

Plus, your mail gets to its destination faster. That means that when it comes to receivables, you’ll get paid faster.

PS — We can even print, fold and insert via our super-secure (and HIPAA-compliant) Touchless Mail system. All you have to do is point, click, and upload your files to us. We do the rest.


Even with constant threats of postage increases, the USPS does offer discounts – but you have to know how to find them. And you have to do enough volume to make it worth their while.

Many small businesses don’t mail quite enough to qualify for a discount. But by “co-mingling” your mail with that of other firms, the volume requirements are met and the discount kicks in.

As a pre-sort mailing service, CMADS has the co-mingling/discount thing down to a science. For example: as of this writing, you could mail a first-class piece of mail for 52 cents versus 58. That adds up fast.

Lose the Leases

A lot of our customers have expressed frustration with their former setup, namely bulky in-house postage machines. The main complaint we’ve heard over the years was about the leases. They were expensive, and the rates were always increasing.

By letting a pre-sort company like CMADS take over, you cut away that lease “boat-anchor “and experience more savings.

So when you’re looking to tighten up your business’ finances and improve efficiency, these three tips will go a long way.